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    Ultimate Bridal Package

    If you are getting married and are looking for a rapid weight loss programme then this is the programme for you. This fantastic nutrition and fitness plan guarantees maximum weight loss results!

    We realise that planning a wedding today is very busy and can be extremely stressful. Therefore let one of our lovely Personal Trainers take the stress out of exercise by planning your sessions to be short but effective saving you more time to plan your wedding while still being able to look fabulous on your big day!

    Special rates for couples…

    *Terms apply
  • 05APR

    Training For Women

    X-Train specialises in fitness for women. Our female trainers are specially trained to help you to reach your specific goal which most women struggle with after months or even years of desperately trying.

    Whether it is to lose weight around those stubborn areas such as hips, bums, and stomach, or to get back your shape and stamina after having children, our female trainers will most certainly know the best methods and forms of training for the female body to get where you want to be.

    Female X-Train is coached by our female trainers only, after all, who knows how the body works better than another female.