• 04APR

    Weight Loss results Leicester

    We offer a high level of Personal Training in Leicester achieving maximum weight loss results. If you are looking for a safe rapid weight loss programme X-Train is the one for you. This fantastic programme consists of nutritional and fitness plans which guarantees to burn maximum fat in minimum amount of time.

    For those wishing to kick start a new healthy lifestyle or to have more of a variety in your workouts, X-Train is what you need!

    Our first goal is to listen to you and to find out your situation before giving you any specific advice.

    We guarantee that you will be looking and feeling better than ever!
  • 03APR

    What is the best Diet?

    Is it Atkins? Is it Vegetarian? Is it High protein? Or is it High carb?

    If you ask me, there is not one definate diet that will work for everyone.

    Some people do better with a high protein, high fat, low carb plan, whilst others do better with a moderate protein, moderate carb, and a low fat lifestyle.

    There is no (“one size fits all”), generic diet that works for everyone.

    However, there are universal truths that EVERYONE on planet earth must follow to achieve an optimal health.

    1. Eat things that are:

    2. Ask this question:
    If I were a caveman or woman, would I have access to this food?

    The X-Train Diet rule is to; Eat lean meats such as chicken, turkey, Fish, Plenty of Green Vegetables, nuts and seeds and fruits in moderation.