• What Is X-Train?

    What Is X-Train?

    X – Train is an amazing 30 minute workout! These sessions are nothing like the standard personal training sessions or gym classes that you may be familiar with. It is a form of training that aims to produce an elite level of general physical conditioning in the most efficient manner possible. We utilise only functional, compound movements performed at high intensity with correct form. An overall body workout blending strength and aerobic conditioning producing MAXIMUM RESULTS in MINIMUM TIME!

    This form of training has been proven to burn more calories than any other form of training...in fact, high intensity training burns 9 times more fat per calorie burnt, during exercise. High intensity workouts increase metabolism during and for hours even after training is complete. In fact, high intensity burns 9 times more fat per each calorie burn during exercise.

    What's A Typical Session Like?

    Workouts are short and intense incorporating elements of rowing, track, body weight callisthenics, weightlifting and circuit training. You will first learn how to perform the exercises before progressing to the more intense workouts. All sessions are approximately 30 minutes in length and include: warm up, technique introduction and practice, and the workout itself.

    How Fit Do I Need To Be?

    One of the great things about X - Train is that the training can be “scaled” to suit everyone, regardless of experience or fitness level. Scaling means that the same workout can be adjusted for different individuals by keeping the same format but substituting different exercises, changing the intensity, reducing or increasing the number of reps or rounds, or changing the amount of rest.
    You will learn to test your limits under strict supervision and with the support of your X - Train Coach.

    What Will X -Train Do For Me?

    • • Burn lots of calories for a leaner body
    • • Tone and shape your body
    • • Raise your overall cardiovascular & muscular endurance, strength & power
    • • Improve your coordination and agility
    • • Improve your bone density
    X-Train Membership Includes The Following:

    • • Biomechanical, postural, health and fitness assessments
    • • A clear plan on how to achieve your goals
    • • In-depth technique coaching
    • • Nutrition advice and support including detoxify and diet plans
    • • Ongoing motivation and support
    • • A fantastic workout tailored specifically to meet the individuals goals and dreams


    Jay Patel

    I am a professional personal trainer and also the founder and managing director of X-Train UK. With over 10 years experience in the industry I can confidently reassure you that you are in safe hands of the X-Train team.

    We realise that life today is very busy. Therefore, we aim to take the stress out of exercise by making our sessions short but effective saving you more time.

  • What Makes X-Train Different To Other Personal Trainers/Companies?

    What Makes X-Train Different?

    X-Train is not the typical traditional lengthy class or personal training session. It is a unique short but effective programme including a variety of workouts so your never get stuck in the same routine.

    We can reassure you that you are in safe hands with our highly qualified and experienced personal trainers who are continually put into regular staff training in order to keep their scientific and practical knowledge up to date.

  • How Can I Find Time To Train?

    Finding Time To Train..

    We realise that life today is very busy. Therefore, we aim to take the stress out of exercise by making our sessions short but effective saving you more time.

    Our flexible approach to X-Train means that we are available from:

    MON – FRI: 6.30am – 9.00pm
    SAT – SUN: 8.00am – 4.00pm

  • Who Can I Train With And Where?

    Who Can I Train With And Where?

    Who can I train with?

    Personal X-Train sessions are either 1:1 or in a small group of no more than three people.

    Where can I train?

    We are based at Abbey Sports and Leisure Leicester and Fosse Fitness Syston. Our services are open to members and non-members. So you do not have to be a member of this health club to be a part of X-Train.

    We can also deliver our services by coming to your home, office or park.

  • Is It Expensive?

    Is It Expensive?

    Money is not an issue, as we have definately set the right price, so that you are able to be a part of X – Train at a minimum of three times a week. Prices are from as little as 10 pounds per session.

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